Parent Workshops

Parents Take the Lead  Workshops

Parent Workshops

These free workshops focus on the importance of parental involvement as the child’s “first teacher.” Making daily storytimes a habit is discussed and examples of reading material and reading techniques are demonstrated. Parents learn how to “play” and use their voices and facial expressions in engaging ways as they read and interpret a story. Discussions are facilitated about why it is necessary to have conversations with your children everyday and how storytimes at home develop comprehension, fluency and language acquisition. Vocal techniques are modeled to help parents develop expression and vocal variety. The parents then read aloud using story material that is provided with the assistance of the instructors. Each family will receive a quality picture book to take home to build their home library. 


  • CREATE a special bond with their child
  • EXPERIENCE the positive effect of daily storytimes
  • ARE EMPOWERED as their child’s first teacher
  • BUILD their child’s vocabulary, experiential knowledge and creativity
  • LEARN a variety of reading techniques
  • DEVELOP a new appreciation for literature, reading and performance

Parents Take the Lead Workshop
Parents Read Aloud Workshops



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