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What's so special about Flights of Fantasy?
We create your theater experience to fit your needs and meet your goals. We make it personal. Whether you need an elementary school program or one theater presentation, we work with you to make sure you get the highest quality and most cost-effective programming.
Do I have to choose all the components of the school program?
Our school programs offer a variety of components to create a comprehensive theater experience. However, if your budget or curriculum dictate the need for alternative programming we work with you to choose the parts of our packages that fulfill your needs. You may only want performances and student workshops, or perhaps you only need Professional Development for your teachers. You may pick and choose whichever components work best for you and the cost will reflect your choices.
What is the cost for the programming?
It only takes a phone call or email to find out the cost of the program tailored to your requests.
Is there a discount for multiple library performance bookings?
Yes. If you want two shows on the same day, there is a $25 discount for each booking.
In order to get the booking discount, do all the performances have to be at the same location?
No. For example, if two Orange County libraries want to have Flights of Fantasy perform at each of their libraries on the same day they would each receive a $25 discount.
What if the program or workshop has to be cancelled?
There is a $100 cancellation fee when a performance is cancelled by the hiring organization within two weeks of the scheduled presentation date. If a performance or workshop is cancelled due to rain or unforeseen problems, the presentation or workshop may be rescheduled at the convenience of both parties.
How long are the performances?
The performances at elementary schools, festivals and libraries usually run approximately 45 minutes. The preschool performances run 30 minutes. Performances can be tailored to meet the needs of the performance space, venue and time constraints of the hiring organization.
How do I pay Flights of Fantasy?
We receive a check payable to Flights of Fantasy Story Theatre after a performance at a library or festival (unless otherwise discussed.) A Theater Arts Package at schools requires two payments; the first one two weeks after the start of a program and the second one at the completion of the program (unless otherwise discussed).

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