Types of Shows


We offer a variety of shows throughout the year for Pre-Schools, Elementary Schools, Libraries and Events which include a wide array of multicultural stories from around the world. Our shows can always be customized to fit your performance and audience needs. Show Examples:

Limerick Show: “The Timing’s in the Rhyming”

Poetry Show: “Take a Peek at Poetry”

Holiday Show: “Holiday Follies”

Halloween Show: “Spiders and Monsters and Ghosts, Oh My!”

Thanksgiving Show: “Gratitude with Attitude”

Preschool Show: ” A Story Circus”

Library Shows: “Tasty Tales,” “Here We Come to Save the Day,” Getting the Bugs Out,” “It’s All How You Look At It,” “Sailing Through a Sea of Tales,” “Stories from the Old Country.”

Elementary School Shows: “Soaring on the Wings of a Tale,” “Actions Speak Louder than Words,” “A Bee, A Bat and a Bonk.”

Children reading together

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